The Average Cost to Replace Your AC Unit May Surprise You

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The Average Cost to Replace Your AC Unit May Surprise You

Let’s be honest.

Replacing your central air conditioning unit was not on your top 10 list of exciting things you wanted to accomplish this month. Yet here you are, searching the web, trying desperately to find out how much this is going to cost you.

It’s hot, it’s muggy and the idea of spending another three weeks without a functioning AC unit is just too much to bear.

Yes, your AC maintenance guy warned you this would happen. The system is quite old, but you were hoping it would last through the summer. “Just a few more months,” you whispered to it at the start of the season.

Unfortunately, it looks like your central AC unit had other plans.

Ok- how bad is this going to be?

Although we truly despise being vague, the best and most honest answer we can give you in a blog post is “it depends.”

There are a lot of things that need to be factored into the equation when it comes to providing an accurate replacement cost.

For example, if you were to search the Internet, you’d learn that the average 2018 replacement cost can be as cheap as $1,800, but it can also run as high as $10,300.

The “most common” range, however, spans anywhere from $3,700 to about $7,200. Suffice to say, trying to pinpoint a price point during a blog is harder than you think.

First, the replacement costs will depend on where in the US that you live, because prices in some markets are higher than prices in others.

Second, the size of your home will need to be factored in, because this will determine how much “oomph” you’ll need to get out of the system.  As you may imagine, a central AC unit for a 1,000 square foot condo is going to cost less than a central AC unit for an 8,000 square foot ranch house.

If you have an all-in-one HVAC, the cost is going to be different than if you have a standalone central AC unit that’s positioned outside of your home.

Like we said, there are many things that need to be taken into account before an AC replacement company can provide you with an estimate.

Do you want to stay with what you have?

Let’s say you do have an 8,000 square foot home but you and your wife only use a small portion of it, now that the kids are grown and live in other parts of the country.  In this case, you may be able to forgo a full central AC replacement and opt for a zone-based cooling system, which will cool specific parts of your home.

This type of system is known as a mini-split, and mini-splits have several pros and cons.

Call Comfort Pros today to learn more

If you have questions about the costs associated with replacing a central AC unit, or if you’d like to learn more about mini-splits, call Comfort Pros today at 303-945-4319 to get started.

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