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Conscious Consumer: Warranty Facts By Comfort Pros

Conscious Consumer: Warranty Facts By Comfort Pros

When it comes to HVAC products and system units, manufacturers often include a warranty on larger appliances that are built to last over a decade. Because Comfort Pros is dedicated to putting our customers first, we put together a quick guide to understanding and navigating common manufacturer warranties for items like furnaces and air condenser units. If you know your warranty and its terms, you’ll most likely be able to utilize it and save money in the event of a premature lapse in function or weather-related damage in the first years of owning these products.

Warranties often range in time span and coverage, so the first step to understanding your policy is to know and research the company that manufactured your particular HVAC system units. Of course, installation is a different story, so focus on who actually built and distributed these units to the supply house in the first place. If you can’t find a logo, ask our technicians at Comfort Pros to identify your manufacturer and direct you toward your warranty policy. These are often available online for widely distributed units across the country. You can also take a look at your unit’s product registration card to identify the manufacturer and read more about your warranty terms.

We know you’ll want coverage through a warranty when purchasing HVAC system units, but it’s important to understand your potential coverage options before signing on the dotted line. Then, when the time comes to potentially use your warranty, you’ll be ready with the knowledge and background information to make the most of it. Again, this is where a product registration card of a Comfort Pros expert technician can come in handy. We’re happy to pass down our knowledge of warranty information regarding the products we regularly carry and install for our customers. Which brings us to our last tip of utilizing professional resources before, during, and even after your warranty is in place. You’ll need to know how and when to apply warranty coverage after purchasing it, and in the even your unit needs replacing within the time frame of your warranty, our team at Comfort Pros will need to know this information before completing the job to properly bill you for our services. There’s no need to spend extra cash if you don’t have to!

Because Comfort Pros installs HVAC units and systems, we are not responsible for the terms or application of a manufacturer warranty. But, we can help you navigate your warranty and best utilize it when it comes to our services. Call us today with your questions!


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