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Most air conditioners are designed and constructed to resist any form of rain damage and to keep operating as usual during heavy rains. Most of the parts of the outdoor air compressor or condenser unit are made of aluminum, copper and metal and are designed to resist acute rainfall and to keep on cooling and dehumidifying the entire home. The electrical connections are also sealed to protect them from heavy rainfall.

Thus, heavy rainfall alone should not have any adverse effect on the performance of your air conditioner. However, we have highlighted some potential weather-related problems in this article. These problems need special attention.

Storm Damage

As it was mentioned earlier, rain may not damage the air conditioner. However, high winds that accompany heavy rain may cause objects to fall and cause damage to components such as the condenser fan grille. Leaves can also be deposited inside the outdoor components of the AC. The interior and exterior components of the air conditioner must be inspected after a severe storm.

Internal Corrosion

Many homeowners usually cover the outdoor component of their AC during winter. Commercially available covers that have adequate ventilation openings should be used for this purpose. When the unit is wrapped in an air-tight enclosure, the internal components will be exposed to moisture for months. This leads to the rotting of the wiring and rubber. The metal parts can also become corroded.


Although several inches of rainfall from a coastal storm should not pose any threat to the AC, it can be damaged by deep standing water from localized flooding. Provided the flood waters do not exceed 15 inches depth, the electrical components of the outdoor AC should withstand the storm. However, if more severe flooding is noticed, your HVAC contractor needs to check the unit out before you restart it.

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