How To Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit From The Elements

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How To Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit From The Elements

When considering AC maintenance, we mostly only think about what we need to do with the unit inside our homes. Too scarcely do we think about how we need to protect and maintain our outdoor AC unit. Unfortunately, not knowing how to properly protect your outdoor AC unit from weather elements can lead to serious problems.

This is why every business or homeowner should know everything there is to know about how to protect their outdoor AC unit. 

General Rules for Protection

No matter what type of weather the day brings or no matter what season it is, there are some general rules for protecting your outdoor AC unit. These rules should be followed year round.

Allow for Some Shade

It’s always best to try to place the unit in the most shaded area of your yard. Placing it in a shaded section will keep it from having to work overtime to keep the air cool. If you cannot place it in shade, consider placing it on the northern side of your home where it will get the less amount of sunlight. 

Allow for Some Space

Although you might want to place the unit in a hidden away nook in your yard, it’s actually very important that you place it in an area where it will have enough space to breathe. You’ll also want there to be enough space for the HVAC technician to come in and service the unit.

Keep Plants Trimmed

Using plants, hedges, and bushes as a way to blend your unit into your yard or to provide it with shade are excellent ideas. Just be sure to keep these plants or hedges trimmed away from the unit. Another great idea is to use gravel around the outskirts of the unit to prevent weeds from growing into or on it. 

Stay Aware of Where You Mow

Always be aware of where you’re mowing. When you mow your grass that’s around the unit, you’ll want to be sure to avoid sending grass, mud, or other debris up into the unit. You’ll also want to avoid mowing over rocks or gravel, which will cause them to possibly shoot into the unit and cause damage.

Protection During the Winter

During the winter, you’ll want to protect your unit from snow, hail, falling debris such as leaves, and dripping water. The best way to do this is to use an AC unit cover made with breathable material, place a plywood board over the unit (be sure it’s secured), or install an awning over the unit. 

Protection During the Spring and Summer

During the spring and summer months, you’ll need to protect your unit from flooding, the sun, and damaged coils. This is done by mounting your unit on a slab rather than on the ground, building a shelter or awning over it for shade, and ensuring that preventative maintenance is done regularly.

Protecting Your Outdoor AC Unit

When it comes to protecting your outdoor AC unit, it’s best to follow this guide above. Doing so will keep your unit working to the best of its abilities. But when your unit is in need of repairs, maintenance, or replacement, always be sure to call in the professionals. 

Contact us today and have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor AC unit is properly protected and maintained. 

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