If You Own a Gas Furnace, You Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector

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If You Own a Gas Furnace, You Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector

If your Lakewood, Colorado home has a gas furnace, you’ll want to read this blog.

In this post, we wanted to cover the importance of having seasonal HVAC maintenance and the importance of installing a carbon monoxide detector.

The story

Several years ago, we had a client who told us a furnace horror story. His daughter was attending college in the Northeast and at some point, during the winter, for whatever reason, the landlord sent his handyman out to the property to check out the furnace.

The handyman was just that- a handyman. He wasn’t a trained HVAC technician and as such, he didn’t have much understanding of how to do furnace maintenance properly. During his visit to the apartment, he did something that harmed the furnace’s ventilation system.

Ultimately, gasses that were supposed to vent to the outside of the property were instead, venting into the property.

A few days later, after the man’s daughter and her roommate began to complain of dizziness, nausea and general malaise (his daughter developed a headache she just couldn’t shake, and her roommate began to feel week), he hired a trained HVAC professional to go to the home to see what the problem was.

During the appointment, it was discovered that the furnace was leaking carbon monoxide into the apartment.

Working with a trained professional is important

If you’re going to have someone give your HVAC/furnace a once-over, you need to make sure you’re working with a licensed, trained professional. If you have a gas furnace and you don’t work with a licensed, trained professional you put yourself and your family at risk.

Every year, more than 4,000 people are hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and data shows that roughly 400 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning.

This colorless, odorless gas is highly toxic.

Installing a carbon monoxide detector

One of the most important things that Longmont, Colorado homeowners can do to ensure they’re kept safe involves purchasing (and installing) a carbon monoxide detector. This type of device can be found at most big box retailers and they’re similar to smoke detectors. Some even have an option that will allow you to plug it into an outlet, which is something we recommend. This will ensure the device will continue to work even if the batteries go dead.

Call Comfort Pros today

If you have concerns about the overall health of your furnace call Comfort Pros today to schedule an annual maintenance appointment. During the appointment, we’ll give your unit a tune up and we’ll inspect all parts for possible failure. If we feel your system is at risk of springing a carbon monoxide leak we’ll let you know right away, which will allow you to address the problem before it turns into a bigger problem.

For more information on our company, our rates or to speak with a customer service agent about setting up an appointment, call us today at 303-945-4319.

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