Self-Maintenance Tips For Your HVAC System From Comfort Pros

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Self-Maintenance Tips For Your HVAC System From Comfort Pros

Everyone is busy nowadays, and it’s all too common for families to neglect their home’s HVAC system components, which are responsible for the comfort, warmth, and air quality they benefit from day after day. But, if you’re inclined to help maintain your HVAC system to avoid calling up a local expert for unnecessary or avoidable repairs, we put together a quick list of to-do’s for you to improve airflow, limit allergens, and troubleshoot your units as the seasons change.

The biggest thing to watch out for is dust—especially in the Denver area. At a mile above sea level, we deal with a semi-arid climate and dry, high-desert grasslands that can cause seasonal dust and allergens. This is the most common reason HVAC systems in the area quickly decline in efficiency and functionality; they’re simply not clean!

The easiest and arguably most important way to maintain your home HVAC system is to change your air filter regularly. Our team at Comfort Pros offers this service, and we can also show you where the air filter goes and how to check it to see if it needs replacement. Air filters are sold in multiple sizes at your local home improvement or warehouse store. A clean air filter not only keeps warm and cool air moving freely throughout the house, but also limits allergens, bacteria, and irritants that can make you and your family sick from season to season. Plus, they save you money, since a clean filter puts less stress on a system and reduces energy use.

Though cleaning your ducts is often a job best left to the experts (and most likely necessary on a biannual basis), simple dusting of grates and vents can go a long way in avoiding excess maintenance or unnecessary repairs. Reducing your visits from a technician is a sign your system is running smoothly and efficiently, and emergency appointment are less likely. We recommend checking out your filter and dusting once per month, and calling up a specialist for duct cleaning twice per year. Think of it this way – if you paid attention to your home HVAC system as often as you vacuum or wash the sheets on your bed, you could potentially save tens to hundreds of dollars in energy bills each year!

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