Air Conditioner Replacement

Air Conditioner Replacement

Service Overview

Colorado is no stranger to hot, sunny days throughout the cooling season. Comfort Pros offers extensive air conditioner repair services to prepare your home for the most blistering of days, all for the right price. Our technicians understand that heat in the summer months throughout Colorado and the Denver metro area can put families and pets at risk, and are committed to making sure your home system not only runs smoothly, but maintains the right amount of humidity in the air to achieve peak comfort.

For Colorado homeowners, the key to staying cool and saving money is performing regular maintenance on home heating and air conditioning systems. It’s true that heating and cooling accounts for about half of the average household’s energy usage. We live in Colorado’s ever-changing seasonal weather patterns, and the fluctuating temperatures outside can make it more difficult for your system to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors. Comfort Pros’ expert technicians are here to help.

A high-efficiency air conditioning unit can make all the difference when looking to reduce energy consumption for Colorado residents. Existing units should also be kept clean for efficiency and safety reasons. We at Comfort Pros offer a variety of air conditioning-related services, and strive to make replacing your air conditioner an easy, convenient, professional, and precise process. Our technicians are friendly, detail-oriented, and 100% committed to servicing your home’s unique needs with the right air conditioning unit, thermostats, and cooling system at large. We’ll make sure your system is built to last, and guarantee quality maintenance throughout its lifetime to maintain peak performance.

Comfort Pros technicians perform inspections of your cooling system’s air filters, evaporators, and refrigerant levels. Checking these details regularly can extend the life of your cooling unit and ensure that it is running efficiently. Comfort Pros also offers inspections of your entire cooling system. We will check your system for airflow problems and gauge how well your unit performs in your home. Oftentimes, leaks are at the center of cooling system problems, and our experts can find and fix those too!

From thermostats and sensors to motors, compressors, and you’re air conditioning unit itself, Comfort Pros understands all the fine details of a high-efficiency central cooling system, and we’re here to ensure that every Colorado home is well-fitted for the comfort of the families who live there.

Between Comfort Pros service repairs and inspections, it’s important to check your air conditioning unit regularly. Dirty or clogged systems are a common issue that will reduce the life of your unit and system overall. Plus, home cooling systems do experience general wear and tear over their lifetimes. If you notice problems like this between scheduled maintenance appointments, call Comfort Pros right away to take a look. Our technicians are trained to diagnose and fix these issues before they develop into bigger problems, and are on call to serve our neighbors in Colorado. After all, we are committed to stopping common efficiency issues in their tracks, saving you money throughout the life of your air conditioner. Call us today to schedule a service call, general duct system inspection, or ask questions about replacing your air conditioning unit.