Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair

Service Overview

Does your furnace need maintenance before the next Colorado winter? Are you struggling to stay warm due to a broken furnace? We’re here to help. Comfort Pros’ expert technicians offer furnace repair for all models and make it a top priority to keep your family safe and comfortable throughout the year. We strive to keep Colorado residents comfortable and save our customers money in the process.

Comfort Pros takes pride in performing at the highest level of professional service. We offer all kinds of furnace repair services, including system diagnostics, heating system tune-ups, furnace repair, furnace replacement, and thermostat replacement—all at a fair and competitive price!


It’s important to include regular maintenance checks in the lifetime of your home heating system to minimize inefficiencies and make repairs before small issues become lager, costly problems. From dirty air filters to broken fans or leaky ducts, Comfort Pros technicians make preventing future heating problems a priority for every customer. Because furnace problems come in a variety of forms, our technicians are committed to correctly diagnosing and tending to your home system’s needs as quickly as possible. Skipping regular maintenance often leads to larger repair bills and lost money each month from high energy consumption. Scheduling a repair or maintenance appointment with Comfort Pros is a great way to avoid energy inefficiency or damages to your furnace unit. We are committed to customer satisfaction and saving you cash on future maintenance, so don’t hesitate to call with your questions and concerns!

Here are a few common problems that can affect your home heating system:

A clogged, dirty, or leaky duct system may lead to a shorter life for your furnace unit. Lack of airflow makes the unit work harder to heat your home. A quick inspection by a Comfort Pros technician can identify strain on any belts, fan motors, and bearings, as well as dirty air filters or leaks in the duct system. Our mission is to assure that your home heating system runs smoothly and efficiently year-round, so we also offer duct system inspection to prevent future heating (and cooling) problems. Identifying airflow issues early on is key to maintaining your system’s efficiency and performance.

A thermostat serves as the brain of any home’s heating and cooling systems. Comfort Pros is committed to fitting Lakewood homes with the latest, most efficient digital thermostats. A programmable thermostat makes it possible to schedule your furnace unit’s heating cycles, and in zone heating systems, multiple thermostats may control distinct sections of your home depending on their heating needs. Ask us today if a zone heating system is the best option for your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact a Comfort Pros heating expert about potential furnace repairs, inspections, and maintenance appointments. Call us today!