Furnance Replacement

Furnance Replacement

Service Overview

The flip side to cooling a hot Colorado summer is heating homes during those frigid winter months. Comfort Pros technicians are highly trained to execute furnace replacement services in a quick, precise manner and guarantee you’ll be thrilled with your brand new furnace product.

Our Colorado customers deserve only the best in furnace replacement services, and our experts have the experience and know-how to find the right furnace unit for your home. We are committed to keeping your family safe, warm, and comfortable through the heating season and beyond. Comfort Pros furnace installations are done right the first time, ensuring that our furnace will perform long after we leave the job site. A well-installed, well-maintained furnace may last up to three decades!

Older furnace models may cost Colorado homeowners time and money. These models take longer to heat up Denver-area homes and use more power to do so. Plus, it can be difficult to track down an older furnace unit’s maintenance history. Furnace replacement services at Comfort Pros include state of the art units that save our customers money. It’s also important to note that updating your home’s furnace unit to an efficient model will prevent more frequent maintenance needs in the future.

Our experts take extra care during the replacement process to ensure your furnace runs at peak performance long after we’re done. On average, a furnace can run for as long as 30 years, but older models tend to do a worse job heating your home and a great job of eating up your hard-earned cash via the energy bill. Plus, if your furnace came with your existing home, it’s not always possible to know its maintenance history. Our high-efficiency furnace units ditch the pilot light to waste less gas while still heating your home quickly. aired with programmable digital thermostats, these models can help homes achieve 97% efficiency during heating cycles.

Just like with air conditioners, choosing the right furnace unit for your home is important to efficient heating. A furnace that is too small cannot keep your home cozy throughout the winter months, and one that’s too large simply wastes energy compared to smaller, high-efficiency models due to more frequent cycles. Low-efficiency models are also prone to premature wear and tear. To learn more about furnace units that will fit the needs of your home and family best, call a Comfort Pros technician today.

Also similar to cooling, a zoned heating system may be best for your home if various rooms require different amounts of heat to stay comfortable. Our services include consultations for these types of systems as well as installation. Zoned heating is important to consider when looking to replace your furnace, and Comfort Pros is here to help you make the right decision.

Give us a call today to schedule your home furnace unit replacement. We can be reached Monday through Friday during regular business hours to speak with you about your home and its heating needs.