Springtime AC Replacements

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Springtime AC Replacements

Are you considering a Lakewood AC replacement? If so, the coming spring season may be the best time to do so. Spring presents many benefits for new AC system installation, and by replacing your AC unit now, you can ensure that it’s ready to go for summer. After all, when the sweltering summer temperatures arrive, you’ll want to have a cool, comfortable home to relax in. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of springtime Lakewood AC replacements. With a brand-new air conditioner, your home will be equipped to handle the hottest days to come this summer.  

AC Replacement During The Spring Season

There are many reasons why spring is an optimal season for replacing your air conditioner. These include:

Beating High Summer Demand

In summer, it’s hard to deny when you need a new air conditioner. This prompts many homeowners to schedule an AC replacement in the summer, when they need to escape from the heat. This leads to high demand for Lakewood AC installation services in the summer months, and HVAC companies become very busy. So, by putting your AC replacement off until this summer, you could be facing a significant wait before your unit can be installed. 

Here in Colorado, when the weather can be unpredictable, consider the possibility that the spring season will be warmer than usual. This may prompt the summer AC replacement rush to arrive sooner than expected. Early summer may be preferable to ensure that you get your new AC installed before a queue develops. 

Score a Great Deal

Spring is considered an offseason for air conditioners. This means that you can often get an excellent price on your AC replacement by getting it installed in the spring, rather than in the summer. If you’ve been procrastinating your Lakewood AC replacement due to budget concerns, opting for a spring installation could bring the cost of installing a new AC unit within your reach. 

Take Time To Consider Your Options

Homeowners that wait until the summer to replace their AC units are under a natural time crunch. With temperatures rising outside, they’ll feel pressure to get the unit installed as quickly as possible. This will cut into the amount of time spent researching new AC units and deciding on the AC installation services that will work the best for you. 

By starting early and scheduling your AC replacement for the spring, you’ll have more time to do research and find the perfect air conditioner for your home’s needs. Without the time crunch, the entire process of replacing your AC unit will be calmer and more pleasant for all. 

Spring AC Maintenance

If you have an AC unit that’s not in need of replacement, spring is still a great time to set your AC system up for success with some maintenance. Here are our top tips for spring AC maintenance:

  • Clean or replace the air filter. 

Your AC unit’s air filter can collect dust and other impurities in your air with use. Before your AC is on full-blast this summer, make sure to clean or change the filter, depending on your AC model. Otherwise, if the air filter is dirty, it will circulate dust, pet dander, pollen, etc. throughout the air in your home when your AC is running. This will lower the air quality in your home and may even trigger allergic reactions.  

  • Replace old or inefficient components. 

How old is your thermostat? If it’s very old or malfunctioning, it’s likely diminishing the energy-efficiency of your HVAC system. So, before the height of the summer, consider having it replaced with a new, up-to-date thermostat model. This will allow your AC unit to run without using as much energy, leading to lower utility bills. 

  • Clean the condensate drain line. 

The condensate drain line takes care of the condensation that accumulates when your AC is in use. It’s generally installed outside, meaning that it can easily become dirty or obstructed by plants and other outdoor debris. Mold and algae can also accumulate in the condensate drain over time. So, schedule a cleaning with your Lakewood HVAC company this spring to ensure that your condensate drain is clean before the summer season. This will prevent AC damage and ensure that the AC operates properly all summer long.

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