Upgrading Your Furnace This Winter

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Upgrading Your Furnace This Winter

If it’s been a long time since you had your furnace installed, the time may be ripe for an HVAC upgrade. Your furnace is an imperative part of your home’s HVAC system, especially during the winter months. Thornton furnace replacement services can enhance the energy efficiency of your home while preventing a sudden furnace malfunction.

While upgrading your furnace can provide several benefits for your Colorado home, it’s a significant financial investment. To help you decide whether or not to take the plunge, we’ve outlined the signs that your furnace needs replacement, along with the benefits of an updated furnace. 

Signs That You Need an Upgraded Furnace

If your furnace is nearing the end of its lifetime, its age will start to show. There are several signs that indicate the need to upgrade your furnace, including: 


The simplest way to know whether or not you need a new furnace is to check when you had it installed. Furnaces usually last for around 15 to 20 years. But, to get the most out of your furnace, it’s crucial to keep up with maintenance. Furnaces that haven’t been properly maintained may need to be replaced sooner. 


If your furnace seems to cycle dust throughout your home despite having clean filters and clean ducts, you should consider a replacement. Dust is a common sign that a furnace is failing to function properly. 

Poor Circulation

If your furnace no longer circulates warm air throughout your home like it once did, it may be time for an upgrade. An old furnace may fail to provide proper airflow and/or may not sufficiently heat the air that it circulations throughout your home. Especially during a cold Colorado winter, you’ll need a furnace that properly heats and circulates air. 


Furnaces that are running seamlessly won’t make any unusual noises. The same can’t be said for furnaces that are due for a replacement. Strange sounds coming from your furnace are an indicator that there’s a problem. You may hear banging, squealing, squeaking, rattling, screeching, or humming.

To prevent the need for emergency repairs, have a Thornton furnace technician evaluate your system right away if you notice any of these sounds coming from your furnace. 

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Furnace

For homeowners who aren’t planning to move and had their furnaces installed ten or more years ago, a furnace upgrade could provide several benefits. 

Improved Circulation

New furnace models are designed to provide greater efficiency with motors that operate at various speeds. This can enhance circulation in your Colorado home for improved air quality and faster heating. 

Greater Energy-Efficiency

One of the most prominent benefits of scheduling a Thornton furnace replacement is that your home’s energy efficiency will skyrocket. The older a furnace is, the more energy it will require to function normally. So, when you get a new furnace, it will eat up far less energy, leading to a lower utility bill. Plus, furnaces made today include features designed to maximize energy efficiency.  

Reduced Repair Expenses

If you have an old or outdated furnace, having the furnace replaced with a new model can reduce your HVAC repair costs. For the first few years after you have a new furnace installed, you likely won’t need any repair services, aside from routine inspections and maintenance. 

There’s a far lower risk of sudden breakdowns with new systems, so you won’t have to expend funds on emergency HVAC services. If you keep your old system, there’s a significant chance that you’ll need to make one or more emergency calls to your Colorado HVAC team in the coming years.  

Additionally, new furnaces come with warranties that can last for several years after the installation. Under these warranties, you can trust that your investment will be protected if the unit becomes damaged or malfunctions. 

Advanced Functionality

In the 10 (or more) years since you last had a furnace installed, major strides have been made in the world of HVAC technology. So, you can now find a furnace with an array of advanced features that were designed with your comfort in mind.

Variable speeds and zoning configurations are two of the most common new features in furnace systems. These features can eliminate hot and cold spots in your home during the chilly winter months. 

Furnace Replacement in Thornton, Colorado

At Comfort Pros, we offer leading furnace replacement services in Thornton and throughout Colorado. If you’re interested in the benefits of updating your furnace, give us a call today!

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