What Are The Main Types of Thermostats?

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What Are The Main Types of Thermostats?

The thermostat is a major component of any residential HVAC system. Not only does this device impact whether or not the rooms in your home remain at a comfortable temperature, but it also largely affects the energy-efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. So, it’s worth investing in your home’s thermostat and having it periodically inspected for optimal performance. 

Learning about the main types of thermostats available today can help your narrow down the options and select the right option for your needs. Here, we’ll discuss each type and how it may benefit your Lakewood HVAC system. 

Low-Voltage vs. Line-Voltage Thermostats

Low-Voltage Thermostats

Low-voltage thermostats are found in HVAC systems that involve electricity, oil, and gas. You may also find this type of thermostat in water heating systems. 

With a low-voltage thermostat, you can precisely control your HVAC system’s airflow, making it a highly-efficient thermostat option. This type of thermostat also facilitates programmable features so that you can further cut down on excess energy use. 

Line-Voltage Thermostats

Line-voltage thermostats are, unlike low-voltage thermostats, used in baseboards, radiators, and other single heating apparatuses. The connection moves through the thermostat to the heater, operating on 240V. 

A key problem with line-voltage thermostats is that your living spaces may not entirely reach the set temperature before the thermostat turns off. This can lead to less effective heating. 

Programmable vs. Non-Programmable Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats give you the ability to pre-program the thermostat so that it automatically changes based on certain settings. Generally, this type of thermostat has daily and weekly settings that you can use to meet your home’s HVAC needs. As an example, if you go to work on Wednesdays, you can set a programmable thermostat to automatically change to a lower or higher temperature (depending on the season) so that your HVAC system uses less energy while you’re away from home. With programmable settings, you won’t have to worry about changing the temperature manually before you leave home. This is not only more convenient, but will also lead to significant energy savings. 

The weather here in Colorado can change on a dime. This makes a programmable thermostat a particularly good investment for Lakewood HVAC systems. If the weather is chilly in the mornings and warm in the afternoons, you can program this type of thermostat to shift according to Mother Nature’s whims. 

Non-Programmable Thermostat

In contrast, non-programmable thermostats must be set manually. The basic functionality of this type of thermostat makes it a very affordable option. However, if you’re away from home frequently, this cost may be offset by the energy savings provided by programmable thermostats.

It’s worth noting that non-programmable thermostats can offer good energy-efficiency with a connection to your heating system. This can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the winter. However, non-programmable thermostats are usually only ideal for households that always have someone home to control the thermostat. 

Smart Thermostats

The most advanced thermostat type, smart thermostats offer the most advanced functionality for Lakewood homeowners. This type of thermostat can be operated with any device that’s connected to the Internet. Whether you’ll be using your smartphone, smart speaker, or tablet, a smart thermostat will communicate directly with the device for optimal efficiency. 

With a smart thermostat, you can schedule temperature settings, much like you can with a regular programmable thermostat. However, smart thermostats offer additional functionality for your convenience, including:

  • The ability to learn your temperature habits and make automatic adjustments accordingly
  • Diagnostic technology to identify HVAC issues and inform you of them promptly
  • HVAC maintenance reminders 
  • Energy usage insights

Many smart thermostats also provide integrated smart speaker technology. This provides the added perk of controlling the thermostat with only your voice, without the need to purchase an Amazon Echo or Google Home device. 

Some smart thermostat models even offer temperature sensors that you can place in rooms throughout your home. These sensors will identify temperature disparities and adjust the settings to fix them. This will prevent hold and cold spots in various rooms throughout your home.

If you’re interested in getting a new thermostat installed for your Lakewood HVAC system, contact Comfort Pros today.

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