Why is AC Maintenance Important?

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Why is AC Maintenance Important?

Summer is on the way, meaning that many Lakewood homeowners will soon be switching on their air conditioners. Air conditioners combat the high temperatures that we experience in the summer to keep your home comfortable. But, if your AC unit is malfunctioning, you could find yourself sweltering inside of your home on summer days. Thankfully, you can largely avoid this by performing regular AC maintenance. Maintenance is crucial to avoiding extensive Lakewood AC repairs, or even a full AC replacement. 

The Importance of AC Maintenance

Air Quality

When your AC unit is properly maintained, the air quality in your home will be higher. During an AC inspection, which we recommend scheduling once per year, your AC experts will ensure that the filters and ductwork are clear of dust, debris, and irritants that can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory symptoms. 

Given that your home is where your family spends the majority of their time, aside from work and school, prioritizing the air quality in your home is important. All types of AC maintenance help prevent the accumulation of debris around the unit. This helps keep the cooled air that’s circulated throughout your home clean and contaminant-free.  


Energy-efficiency is one of the main benefits of maintaining your AC. Maintenance ensures that the operation of your AC unit is at optimal efficiency. During your annual AC inspection, your Lakewood HVAC team will look over the coils, blades, and other essential parts. This will allow your AC to function as efficiently as possible. Duct cleaning, a thermostat inspection, and coolant monitoring and replacement are other tasks included in a typical AC inspection that will help it run without using excess energy. 

Cleaning or switching out your AC filter is another way to boost its efficiency. If you have a pet, or during the peak season of AC use, you may benefit from changing it out more frequently (i.e. once per month). Switching out your AC unit is a quick, simple process that will make a big difference in the energy-efficiency of your Lakewood HVAC system. 

Prevents Costly Damage

A key perk of staying on top of AC maintenance is avoiding expensive Lakewood AC repairs. AC units typically last for 10 to 15 years. So, if you have to replace your unit sooner than this as a result of poor maintenance, AC replacements will make a significant dent in your finances. Many AC replacements can be warded off with proper maintenance. 

Pricey AC repairs can be even more problematic when they’re sudden. If you don’t have the time to prepare for a sizable expense, it can create issues within your monthly budget. Regular AC inspections can help you avoid unexpected problems that could require major repairs. Your Lakewood HVAC team can identify potential issues early on, before they require expensive repairs. This will save you money in the long run while prolonging the lifespan of your AC unit. 

Regular AC inspections reduce the strain on your AC unit. With the filter and ducts clean, the unit won’t have to work harder than usual to cool down your home. This avoids stress on the cooling unit and motor, allowing your AC unit to last longer and operate at peak efficiency. 

Lower Fire Risk

AC units use electricity. This means that they may become a fire hazard if damage occurs. Failing to maintain your AC unit will raise the probability of damage and, in turn, a fire. You can avoid this risk by properly maintaining your AC unit. 

What To Consider in AC Maintenance

Each year, scheduling a maintenance appointment with your Lakewood HVAC experts before the summer season will help keep your AC unit in top shape. An additional inspection before the winter is also a good idea for those with a heat pump that delivers both cooling and heating to your household. 

Here are the typical maintenance tasks performed during AC inspections:

  • Check all system components
  • Perform small adjustments and repairs
  • Suggest more extensive repairs, if needed
  • Inspect the belts and moving parts for wear and tear
  • Check the refrigerant levels and ensure that no leaking has occurred
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Clean the condenser coils

Contact Comfort Pros today to schedule an appointment for an inspection or Lakewood AC repairs.

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