Why is the AC at My Lakewood, CO Home Blowing Warm Air?

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Why is the AC at My Lakewood, CO Home Blowing Warm Air?

As an adult, there are certain things you’ve come to expect. For example, when you put your car key into the ignition and you give it a turn, you expect your car to power up.  When you press the power button on your computer, you expect it to wake up.

And, when you set the setting on your thermostat that communicates you’d like your central AC unit to blow cold air, you’d like to assume that’s what the unit will do.

Yet as we all know, appliances can be temperamental. If you’ve noticed that the central AC unit at your Lakewood, CO home isn’t behaving as it should (ie: it’s blowing warm, not cool air, into your home), it’s best to call an expert HVAC technician to help investigate the cause.

Below are some of the more common reasons that central AC units act up.

The thermostat setting has been changed by someone else in the household

If this seems a bit silly because it seems a bit obvious, that’s OK. Sometimes the most obvious cause of a problem is, in fact, what’s causing the problem.

If you live in a multi-person household, there’s a chance that your family member or roommate may not enjoy the same indoor temperature that you do. If you set the thermostat to 73, and this person feels a bit chilly, the natural thing for them to do involves turning the dial up.

When you check your thermostat, be sure to check the switch that regulates “cool” and “heat” hasn’t accidentally been flipped to the warm setting, since this will cause similar problems.

Is your AC running on “auto” or “on”

When an AC unit is set to “on” the unit will blow air until you change the setting. This holds true even if the unit isn’t currently cooling air. If the outdoor unit isn’t running but your HVAC is still pumping air, this could be your problem.

Your filters are filthy

Obstructed airways are another common cause of central AC problems– we’ve actually written quite a few blogs about this in the past.  When your filters are dirty your central AC unit will have a very hard time pushing air through them. If your filters are dirty, the unit may not blow cold air. This also means the motor will need to work a lot harder, and you’re likely to notice upticks in your monthly cooling bill.  You should check your filters monthly and swap them out as needed.

Need help? Call Comfort Pros today

If the HVAC and/or central AC unit at your Lakewood, Colorado home isn’t working properly, and you’d like to schedule a time for one of our expert technicians to come to your home to provide you with a unit evaluation and repair estimate, we can help.

Call Comfort Pros today at 303-945-4319 to speak with a local HVAC expert you can trust. Call today to learn why we’re the most reputable central AC service provider in Lakewood.

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