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Surge protection was initially perceived as being useful only if you had expensive electronics like big-screen televisions or computers. Today, the story is a little different. Electrical products as well as large appliances such as the HVAC system consume large amounts of power.

Power surges can emanate from lots of things like lightning strikes and power grid issues. They are usually harmful to electrical appliances and the HVAC unit. To show how serious they are, one power surge could lead to irreversible damage to electrical appliances and the HVAC system.

HVAC systems were initially mechanical in the way they function. They had few electronic components. However, things have changed with the newer and improved efficiency models that we now have in the market. The issue with a power surge is that the amount that can damage the system cannot be determined.

Large power surges are extremely devastating. They lead to the immediate failure of the unit. In most cases, HVAC systems damaged by power surges are replaced. Although some units may withstand power surges and continue to work, there may be hidden damages. As time goes on, these hidden damages compromise the efficiency of the HVAC unit and often lead to premature failure. You will agree with us that this is a bad news, especially since we are talking about an expensive appliance like your HVAC system!

Causes of Power Surges
Power surges are caused by many factors. These factors may be internal or external. The most common causes of power surges include:
• Lightning and electrical storms
• Damaged electrical wiring
• Downed power lines
• Old electrical components
• Faulty electrical components
• Large appliances cycling On or Off

Protection of HVAC Unit from Power Surges
Although you cannot do anything to prevent the occurrence of power surges, you can, however, do some things to safeguard your HVAC unit from such occurrences. You need to install an entire-home power surge protection for your HVAC system at the primary breaker box. This will protect the unit from damage caused by power surge.

Do you need more information about power surges and your HVAC system? If so, call Comfort Pros today to discuss your many options!

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